When Pigs Fly

Zeke Tanner can’t decide if he wants to be a NASCAR driver, a skateboard hero, or a storm chaser. But when a friend confesses to him that she’s pregnant, to save the child Zeke decides he must be… responsible.

When Pigs Fly is a series of manga-style videos based on a novella by the same name, written and illustrated by Diana L. Sharples.

Watch the videos now!


3 thoughts on “Videos

  1. I’d subscribed to your YouTube channel a couple years ago to follow this project and came across it once again this morning. I still love it, but there are still only 3 episodes! Any plans to continue creating the videos and the story?

  2. Hey Jack — I was struck by your comment about 17:00 in regarding how public debt was paid down during the Eisenhower years, only to be replaced by household and business debt increasing. I was wondering if you’re familiar with the Australian economist Steve Keen. This is a point that he has been hammering for several years now in regards to total debt vs. government debt. I think you might find his stuff interesting even if you don’t agree with it all (his main argument seems to be about debunking neoclassical economics).Current score: 0

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