Works in Progress


Finding Hero

Two teens from opposite sides of the Interstate find common ground in a dark family secret.

Daniella Cooper has returned to rural Stiles County after living in Raleigh for ten years. Surrounded by tobacco fields rather than shopping malls makes for a dull existence. Daniella hopes her new jock boyfriend is her ticket into the popular crowd. Being chosen for the lead role in the school play wouldn’t hurt either. But a rumor that she stole her boyfriend from another girl could ruin her.

Devon Jones struggles to break free of a past that won’t so easily let go of him. He’d thought giving his life to Christ meant that things would get easier. When his cousin offers him a ride home from school, a chance encounter with a friend and a quick decision save Devon from being caught up in a drug bust.

These two teens are worlds apart, until a violent storm uncovers human remains on the old Cooper plantation, and Devon’s aging grandmother claims there’s blood on her hands. Together Daniella and Devon uncover a forty-year-old secret that could send beloved family members to jail, and each of them wonders how it’s possible to honor father and mother, as the Bible commands, when their parents are breaking the law.

Out at Home

Randy strikes out after a drunk-driving accident strikes home.

From the time his grandfather placed him on his knee and explained the game, Randy Fowler has dreamed of playing baseball. Randy approaches his senior year of high school with a winning summer season behind him and the girl of his dreams at his side. But when Randy is blamed for a drunk driving accident that kills one teammate and puts another in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, Randy’s ego takes a hit. A batting slump ruins his one chance to impress college scouts. As his dreams fall apart, this pastor’s son despairs for his future and doubts God’s faithfulness.

A Walk Along the River

Running away is easier that facing a bully on steroids. Or is it?

Transferring from one school to another is difficult enough. For Calum Duncan and his sister, Pippa, doing it three times in as many years is just crazy. For these troubled teens, living in foster care means never living in one place for very long. When Calum stumbles upon the star defensive end at South Stiles High School pumping steroids, his promise to keep his mouth shut doesn’t seem to matter. And when Pippa is threatened, Calum wonders if leaving again is his best option.

Haley Meyers has a soft heart for hard luck cases. When she wanted a dog, she adopted the oldest and the ugliest mutt from the pound. When she learns that cute but reclusive Calum is a foster child, she’s determined to break through his protective barrier. Is she prepared for what she finds behind it?


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